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Report On Parenting Workshops held at districts of Punjab
These workshop were held at three Districts of Punjab namely TarnTaranPatiala&Ropar more than 150 parents, 30 Gurus & 5 Resource Persons participated in workshops. Smt. PushpaAggarwal (State Education Coordinator) emphasize the need of moral values, how to deal your ward as modern society is going away day by day towards decay. How we can mold the children with love, affection etc. & inculcate in them positive values.
Dr. P.D Arora (State Education Coordinator) also told parents how we can save our children from the negative feeling & destructive approach by developing positive feelings by dealing them with love & affection by giving various examples from society. Be an example for your children understand their feelings desires/emotions & then deal them with love and never revoke them.

Balvikas students Group Songs & Dance activities on the day of parenting "Parents a Precious gift of God to Children"

Skit By Patiala Balvikas students

"Value Of Love"

The State coordinators provided the needy things to the needy students

By following the Great Idea of Swami "MANAV SEVA MADHAV SEVA "

In the end Parents appreciated by saying that, no doubt we know all such things but we never realize all these things in our life .They also assured they will deal their children with love & positive attitude and will try to study their child & will encourage them, and demand such workshops in future from time to time.

- October 11
- December 09

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