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Krishna Upanishad
The Krishna Upanishad describes various incarnations of Lord Krishna in Sanskrit and also his various Leelas. This Upanishad was written after Lord Krishna's period. It is a good explanation of Lord Krishna's incarnations and his relations with friends and family. The description of Lord Krishna's physical appearance is quite astonishing in this Upanishad.

It is believed that the saints living in the forest area began to search for Lord Rama. On meeting him, they were astounded by his beauty. They were spell bound and wanted to hug Lord Rama. Saints then asked Lord Rama to hug them and bless them. As a reply to their request, Lord Rama tells the saints that he would fulfill their wish. He said that he would incarnate as Lord Krishna and the saints would incarnate as various Gopis. He would then hug all the saints in their new form.

Hearing this, the saints moved ahead and Lord Rama incarnated as Lord Krishna in the next Yug. The whole forest area seemed like heaven during these times. The saints of the prior Yug are believed to be the trees in the forest during Lord Krishna's time. Cunning and angry people were demons.

The time of the Kaliyug was delayed till the completion of the time of Lord Krishna's incarnation. A beautiful child is born in Lord's Hari form. This child had a restless and versatile nature and was ready to make this world his own playground.

The whole world enchanted his name and was unable to uncover his mysteries. Some parts of Vedas and Upanishads were born as 16108 daughters. Generosity was born as Ma Rohini and the Earth was born as Satya Bhama. Politeness was born as Lord Krishna's friend Sudama. Udhav was born as the nerves in the body and Saint Akroor was born as the Truth.

It is believed that a broken vessel of Curd was similar to a sea for Lord Krishna and he could play with it as long as he wanted to. This metaphor is also believed to mean that Lord Krishna's incarnation was to end all the demons and protect the innocent people. The sword in Lord Krishna's hand was considered to be Lord Maheshwar. Saint Kashyap was in the form of Mortar in Yashoda's house. Ma Aditi was in the form of the rope to which Lord Krishna was tied during his childhood. Kaali was in the form of a mace. Dhanush was Lord's delusion or confusion. Sharad's harvest was the food in Lord's house and the lotus flower in his hand was considered to be the seed of the world.

The essence of the Upanishad is that the world should be considered as one. God brought the heaven to this world. People who are able to understand this fact are at peace and free from all worldly desires. They get the results according to their auspicious deeds. They will attain salvation.

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