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Garuda Upanishad
The Hindu God "Garuda", an ardent devotee of Vishnu, the Supreme Being, is of the form of Eagle, and is supposed to have extreme control over snakes and other poisonous animals .This Upanishad, named after the Garuda, is supposed to contain certain vital mantras which can annihilate poison inflicted by any sort of snakes / animals.

The Upanishad:
I will preach the Brahman - science. Brahman taught it to Narada, Narada to Bruhatsena, Bruhatsena to Indra, Indra to Bharadvaja, Bharadvaja to his pupils who desired to preserve their life.

(He taught them the science) which achieves this, which achieves good, removes poison, destroys poison, overcomes poison and annihilates poison:

"Struck is the poison, annihilated is the poison, destroyed is the poison; it is struck by Indra's thunder-bolt, Svaaha ! May it originate from snakes, from vipers, from scorpions, from cankers, from salamanders, from amphibious animals or from rats".

"May you be Anantaka's messenger, or be Anantaka himself! May you be Vasuki's messenger, or be Vasuki himself! May you be Taksaka's messenger, or be Taksaka himself! May you be Karkotaka's messenger, or be Karkotaka himself! May you be Samkhapulika's messenger, or be Samkhapulika himself! May you be Padmaka's messenger, or be Padmaka himself! May you be Mahaa Padmaka's messenger, or be Mahaa Padmaka himself! May you be Elaapatraka's messenger, or be Elaapatraka himself! May you be Mahailaapatraka's messenger, or be Mahailaapatraka himself! May you be Kalika's messenger, or be Kalika himself! May you be Kulika's messenger, or be Kulika himself! May you be Kambalasvatara's messenger, or be Kambalasvatara himself!"

For twelve years snakes do not bite him who hears this great science on the new moon night. The snakes do not bite him as long as he lives who, having recited this great science on the new moon night, wears it (as an amulet).

He who teaches it to eight Brahmanas he releases (from the effects of snake bite) by merely touching with grass, with a piece of wood, with ashes. One who teaches it to a hundred Brahmanas, he releases by a mere glance. One who teaches it to a thousand Brahmanas, he releases by the mere thought - he releases it by the mere thought. Thus spoke the exalted Brahman. This is the essence of the Garuda Upanishad.

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- December 09

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