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Maitreya Upanishad is a branch of Samaveda. The first chapter describes the conversation between King Brihadratha and Sage Shakanaya based on the secret of soul. The second chapter in this Upanishad contains the conversation taken place between Sage Maitreya and Lord Shiva, whereas the third chapter depicts the form of Brahma. All the three chapters of the Upanishad refer to the essence of life.

In the first chapter of Maitreya Upanishad King Brihadratha delegates his throne to his eldest son and liberates himself from all responsibility. He gets curious to find out the secret of soul for which he goes to the forest leaving everything behind. He abandons the worldly life and goes to the forest for penance. Brihadratha successfully pleases Sun god by performing highest kind of penance for thousand years.Sun approaches the king in the form of Sage Shakanaya and visits his hut and blesses the king with a boon. On which the king asks god to give him wisdom on soul. God giving the reply to his question asks him to know what is eternal.The sage tells the king that, god is eternal. It is not easy to know the soul and it is the only source to reach god. One cannot know god with just words or stories as it is a light and settles in it. At the end you should belong to the soul to know it well. The feeling of sacrifice helps you to know it better that is enlightened by the light of truth.

In the second chapter the sage Maitreya goes to the Kailasha and pleads Lord Shiva to tell him the secret of supreme truth. Seeing the curiosity in the sage, Lord Shiva tells him that the body is the temple and the person residing in it is none else but Shiva himself. The person should discard ego and the feeling of me and mine to get pure.The person and the soul is one. One can understand the soul once he sacrifices all the physical desires and attempts to connect to the lord by means of spiritual care. There have been inaccuracies in the body made of flesh and blood. The purification of stool, urine and body odour can be done by soil and water only, but the real purification in the body is done only by abandoning "Me" from the mind and heart.

In the third chapter of Maitreya Upanishad, Brahman is described as the supreme power by himself. It is said that Brahma is eternal and not only resides inside the body but also lives outside it. Brahma says that he gave birth to himself; he is the creator, pure and eternal. He has given life to everything. He is the lord of universe, present everywhere in the world, alone, attains perfection, supreme and he is the one who is doing everything.

Brahma says, I am free from all happiness and sorrows. I am devoid of honour and dishonour, I am without attributes, I am Shiva, I am free from duality and non-duality. I am devoid of being and non-being, I am beyond speech, I am effulgence, I am the power of the void and the non-void andI am the auspicious and the inauspicious. I am not bind able and can go anywhere, I am the greatest being and he who listens to this experience with supreme faith becomes Brahman himself i.e. becomes merged into Brahman.

One receives wisdom on soul, truth and evidence of Brahma in Maitreya Upanishad. A person is able to connect with Brahma once knows what and who is eternal. We can attain salvation only by the way of spirituality. Brahman is the supreme power, eternal, rich in specific knowledge. And one can get salvation only by achieving Brahman. By hearing and contemplating the Maitreya Upanishad one can know Brahman.

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