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The worship of Divinity as mother has been a religious tradition all over the world. The Hindus worship Divinity as "The primordial Energy. The Catholics adore Virgin Mary as the Holy Mother. In Egypt Isis, in Babylon Ashtar and Cybele in Phyrgia are worshipped as Mothers. To look upon God as mother is the most natural way, most sublime and enduring. In Bharaath there has been an unbroken tradition of worshipping Divinity as Mother.

The significance of the epithet "Maatha" (mother), the manifold significance attributed to the word Maatha in Bhaarath is fantastic. "Maatha" is an epithet attributed to all that is kind, good, giving and forgiving, sacrifice and universal love. Bharatheeyas have special adoration for Five mothers namely -

Dehamaatha -
Dehamaatha or the woman who has given birth to an individual occupies a prestigious place in an Indian home. She is indeed a Queen without a crown. Her word is law to every one. In her we find a fine fusion of love and law. Hence the Vedas declared : Maathru Devo Bhava, meaning treat mother as God. Mother is the very embodiment of selflesslove, sacrifice and fortitude.

Gomaatha -
The cow converts its own blood into nourishing milk for man to sustain his body. The cow is another example of the Divine as mother noted for self less love.

Bhoomatha -
Like the Divine the earth bears man in it's bosom and takes care of him in many ways and confers on him many facilities to live comfortably in the world. Hence earth is an embodiment of Divinity as mother.

Vedamaatha -
Vedamaatha lays down guidelines for the conduct of life of man here and here after. Vedamaatha reveals to the man the aim and purpose of life and teaches him, how to realize the goal of life. Gayathri is revered as Vedamaatha. Gayathri Maatha protects the body, the life principle and awakens the 'Pragna Sakthi' in the aspirant (Constant Integrated Awareness).

Deshamaatha -
One's native country that gives protection, care, love, rights and chances to serve and elevate one self. Our motherland Bhaarath is worshipped as Mother. Hence we sing :'Vande maatharam'.
Mother and mother country have to be revered equally according to our scriptures. You honour the mother by obeying her and fulfilling her wishes. You honour the mother country by paying heed to the age long traditions and hoary ideals that have stood the test of time.

One can recall with thrill the divine message of Sri Rama - "Janani Janma Bhoomischa Swargadapi Gariyasi". Mother and Motherland are greater than heaven.

We have to be grateful to these mothers and take care of them. We have to obey and please the Dehamaatha, protect the Gomaatha, love the Bhoomaatha and see that she is freed from all sorts of pollution and not exploited beyond limits. We have to love and serve our country and above all revere and foster the study of the Vedas the source of all knowledge.

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