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The Best Religion
A short skit

Once, the King of Ujjain wished to know the best among all the religions of the land. He asked the Chief Minister to invite Heads of all religions of Bharat and to arrange a debate. The important religions represented were Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism and Sikhism.

The king is seated on his throne with the courtiers and ministers. The heads of religions are seated facing each other.

THE KING: Minister, declare the debate open.

MINISTER: Yes, your Majesty. (Turning to the heads of religions) Revered holy men, I request you to start the debate in order to prove which is the best amongst all religions is.

HINDU MONK: My humble Pranams to all of you. The word Hindu consists of Hin + Du. Hin stands for himsa or violence and Du stands for dur ie., to keep away from violence by thought, word or deed to the creation around him. We are taught to see God in the wole creation, to be good, to see good and to do good.

MULLAH: My salams to all of you gathered here. Our religion Islam means-Total surrender to the will of God. Every Muslim has to adhere to the five pillars ie., Prayers, charity, fasting, pilgrimage and jehad i.e., waging incessant war against the six inner enemies of men i.e., Lust, Anger, Greed, Delusion, Pride and Jealousy.

CHRISTIAN BISHOP: Christianity teaches us love and compassion. The Kingdom of God is within and we should treat our neighbor as ourselves. We should never seek to point out the mistake of others. We should love and serve all.

BUDDHIST MONK: For us, Buddhists, it is desires that cause suffering. To end all sorrows, desires must be curbed and all cravings must be destroyed; and for this, we must follow the eight-fold path which all of us know well- such as right resolve, understanding, speech, conduct etc.

THE JAIN MUNI: The Jain philosophy exhorts us to observe Ahimsa, Satya, Astheya and Brahmacharya. Our religion preaches right knowledge, right vision and right conduct.

ZOROASTRIAN HEAD: Our religion rests on three jewels- Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds.

THE SIKH GURU: We worship God in the form of Jyothi. We believe that God is one. For us Ram and Rahim are one. We don’t believe in caste distinctions.

THE KING: I am really at a loss to pass a judgment on thee religions. When I listened to each and every one of you, I find all are great in their own way.

THE MINISTER: Your Majesty, now it is time for all of us to close this session. I have arranged for a feast for us and for all religious heads on the other bank of the river. Tomorrow, we will proceed to the other river bank.

(The King and his courtiers are seen with the religious heads.)
Chief Minister, “Now it is time for me reveal the truth of the King”

CHIEF MINISTER: Your Majesty, I have arranged six boats of different colours and sizes to ferry us across the river. He shows six models to the king. Your Majesty can decide on your boat.

THE KING: Why do you speak so much about the boats? All boats would help us to reach the other bank. Then why this confusion about choosing a particular boat.

THE MINISTER: Your Majesty, you have only answered your question on religions of the world. God is one but paths are many. Each path is sacred. These are laid by ancient prophets. Follow any path you like with sincerity and devotion. You will reach your goal i.e, God realization. Every religion is like a boat which helps us to cross the river of life.

THE KING: I am proud of you for giving me this supreme knowledge. I was foolish to conduct this debate. Each religion is great in its own way. All religions should flourish side by side. Our motto must be “Help Ever – Hurt Never”; “ Love All – Serve All”. All religions rest upon the five pillars of Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa.
- October 11
- December 09

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