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Sai's Tips to Teachers - Part I
The profession of a teacher is the most responsible one in every country. Of all professions, his is the noblest, the most difficult, the most important. He has to cultivate In himself humility, compassion and the spirit of loving service, much more than those belonging to other professions, for he is an ideal and example to his pupils.

As teachers' you have taken upon yourselves the task of moulding and shaping the character of young ones. This is your Sadhana. You don't have to do anything else. This is the sanctifying feature of your life, and you are certainly making your life a worthy existence.

Those who practise and teach the same to others are called Acharyas. Acharya is one who demonstrates through practice.

Role of a teacher - Importance
Teaching is the noblest of all professions. It is also the holiest Sadhana for self - realization. For, it involves the cultivation of selfless Love and the showering and sharing of that Love. The teacher moulds the rising generation into self - confident, self - reliant, self - conscious persons. A teacher is the architect of happy homes, prosperous communities and peaceful nations. He has not only to equip himself with knowledge and skills to inform and instruct, but also the vision and insight, to inspire and transform.

Children absorb from teachers and elders habits and manners, behaviour and beliefs. Therefore, a teacher has to be a constant example of the ideals he has to implant in their hearts. He must excel in humility, simplicity, morality and integrity, so that education results in excellence. Such a teacher can be a beacon of Truth, Love and Reverence. The children who grow under his wise care will shine as Lamps of Love in their homes, radiating courage, joy and hope. Let the beacons never fade. Let the lamps be ever bright.
Good teachers + Good students = Good Nation

Points that a teacher must always bear in mind
  1. Do not imagine that your service to children is for their sake. It is equally for your own sake.

  2. You, who deal with children and their upbringing and upliftment have o be aware of this preciousness and of the need to express it in action.

  3. Do not develop pride imagining the children to be in need of your service. You need them as much as they need you.

  4. Resolve to sacrifice everything you have for the sake of pure - hearted children who rely on you for guidance.

  5. If a pupil has a vice, he alone suffers from it. But, if a teacher has a vice, thousands are polluted.

  6. Only a great teacher can mould a great student. You can teach love to students, only through love.

  7. You are dealing with tender children as their teachers, guides and examples. You have to equip yourselves for these roles by living the values that distinguish man.

  8. Human values cannot be learnt from teachers or text books. Those who seek to impart values to students must first practice themselves and set an example.

  9. You must be vigilant to prevent children from being spoiled by the pests of injustice, violence, immorality and falsehood.
Teachers are sculptors who shape the rocks into things of beauty and significance, of utility and inspiration. They study their pupils, their nature and equipment, and decide on their roles in society, their paths and the stages in their progress.

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